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We provide career pathways and support to adults, dislocated workers, and youth ages 14 and older. Our program provides a range of career services to fit the needs of each individual. Job training and vocational rehabilitation services will provide help to the unemployed, disabled, and poorly educated. Services include teaching those who need help acquiring new job skills or finding jobs that fit their current skills.  

Our Job Seeker Service will be made available at our agency. The sites will provide a number of valuable resources and services to help clients meet their needs. These can be targeted at people who are seeking a better opportunity, those who recently lost their job, or if you are just seeking a new skill or an increase in income. Specialists will strive to provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to be successful.  

Career counseling is offered from specialists at our office. These individuals can help clients with their decision-making, career planning, and will help them identify barriers that may be keeping them from obtaining employment.

Orientations and Workshops are available. These sessions can provide assistance with job searches. For example, learn how to enhance a resume, use the latest computer technology, and also access other resources. Computer skills training can also be held in a workshop format. These can better educate job seekers on basic and even more advanced computer skills.  We host annual youth and adult career fairs to give individuals the opportunity to apply for more than one company at a time. 

Work Readiness Program 14+

Work Readiness Program at Opening Doors for Youth & Families

1st Round

Section One:Who Am I?

Lesson A.Where We Came From  

Activity 1: Reading and Discussing Lillie’s Story  

Activity 2: Brainstorming Your Life  

Activity 3: Sharing From Home  

Activity 4: Life Mapping*  

Lesson B.What’s Important To Me

Activity 5: Prioritized Values

Activity 6: Discuss Priorities  

Activity 7: Writing an Essay on Values*

Lesson C.What I’m Good At  

Activity 8: Things I Like  

Activity 9: Things I Am Good At*

Activity 10: Show and Tell  

Lesson D.What’s Important To Me

Activity 11: Prioritized What Is Important to Me in a Job*

Lesson E.Career Assessment

Lesson F.Setting Goals — Get R.E.A.L.  

Activity 12: Set Goals*  

Lesson G.Making Connections

Activity 13: Making Connections for Life Stories  

Activities for Portfolio

Section Two:What’s Out There?

Lesson A. Out Work Stories Activity 14: Generational Work Histories

Activity 15: Other People’s Work Stories

Activity 16: What is happening to our jobs?  

Lesson B.What’s Out There—Jobs

Activity 17: Beginning a job list*  

Activity 18: Reviewing government data

Activity 19: Inventory of interesting jobs  

Activity 20: Making Connections for Jobs

Activity 21: Presenting data

Lesson C.What’s Out There - Training  

Activity 22: Data from Educational Institutions

Activity 23: Making sense of the data

Activity 24: Getting the real scoop

Activity 25: Financial aid

Activity 26: Cautionary Signs  

Section Three:The Work World—What’s It Like?

Lesson A. How Do People Really Get Jobs

Activity 27: Beliefs about how people get jobs

Activity 28: Survey:  How do people really get jobs? .

Activity 29: Reporting and analyzing survey results

Activity 30: Job discrimination  

Lesson B. What Are Different Jobs Like .

Activity 31: Interviews in different job fields

Lesson C. Identifying and Coping With Problems on the Job and In School

Activity 32: Identifying potential problems .

Activity 33: Developing solutions .

Activity 34: Practice on problem-solving  

Lesson D. The Management and Organizational Skills  

Activity 35: Where does the time go?

Activity 36: Getting organized .

Activities for Portfolio


Section Four:Getting From Here to There

Lesson A.Building a Resume

Activity 37: Cataloging your accomplishments  

Activity 38: Functional Resume Writing*  

Lesson B.Job Search  

Activity 39: Where to find job leads*  

Lesson C.Applying For a Job .

Activity 40: Completing job application forms

Activity 41: Planning a successful job interview  

Activity 42: Practice interviewing  

Activity 43: Making connections  

Lesson D. Identifying the Barriers to Success  

Activity 44: Identifying the barriers*  

Activity 45: Dealing with personal doubt   

Activity 46: Hearing success stories   

Activity 47: Family resistance to change  

Activity 48: Cultural attitudes

Activity 49: Overcoming AFDC stereotypes   

Activity 50: The chronic problems: child care,transportation,money  

Activity 51: Finding financial aid for child care  .

Activity 52: Money—Do the numbers add up?*

Lesson E.My Career Plan

Activity 53:  Career planning*

Activity 54:  Making connections

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