Teen Buzz Production began with a single introductory episode, in which teens discussed in their own words what it’s like to live in today's world of rapid technology and changing society. Our first episode was aimed at giving teens a real voice .These are a group of average Teens ranging from 12  to 19 years, voicing their feelings and what they think about Bad and Good Teen Issues.

Since then Teen Buzz  has expanded to a multi-season television show with an extensive online presence, aimed at shining a light on the true experiences of our teenagers, and showcasing these stories in their own words. Teenagers frequently feel like nobody understands them, and nobody cares about the difficulties they are facing. We want to challenge that perception, and show that people do care, that we are here to listen, and we want to help them overcome their fears, showcase their talents, and grow as people. Our show features both the light and dark side of teen life in the modern world. We want to lend support to those struggling and in need, and celebrate the unique talents of those who have overcome adversity and live with courage.

We want to encourage discussion amongst teenagers so that the world they live in is one they helped shape, and the society they become part of is proud of them and their achievements. One mould doesn’t fit everyone – we are all different and have our own unique abilities to bring to the table. We are here to show that, to be proud of that, and to celebrate the diversity within our youth.

Amongst our discussions, the following topics may arise:


  • Body image (weight, skin, hair, illness)
  • Eating disorders and obesity
  • Peer pressure and conformity
  • Bullying, intimidation
  • Living with mental illness (depression, anxiety, fear, self-harm)
  • School problems, studying difficulty
  • Friendship and conflict (real life and online)
  • Self-esteem, self-worth and confidence
  • Learning difficulties and disorders
  • Technology obsession (online, gaming, texting)
  • Impacts of social media (peer pressure, bullying, sexting)
  • Worries about society (politics, environment, money, illness)
  • Living with illness or disease (asthma, autism, allergies)
  • Living with fears, phobias, nightmares
  • Family problems and conflict
  • Coping with loss or injury


  • Gaining confidence and independence
  • Feeling supported (friends, family)
  • Engaging in culture and traditions (festivals, celebrations, rituals)
  • Positive socialising
  • Enjoying food, shopping, crafts and travel
  • Feeling confident in your body and lifestyle
  • Doing well at school, sports, work, volunteer
  • Achieving personal goals (lifestyle, education, work)
  • Following passions and dreams (hobbies, creative work, travel, study)
  • Finding positive ways to express yourself (art, music, cooking, crafts, writing)
  • Supporting worthwhile causes (charity, fundraising, volunteer work)
  • Setting goals and aspirations, realising dreams
  • Having an impact (climate change, wildlife preservation, helping others)
  • Personal growth and lessons

We want to discuss these issues in a productive and honest way, and show teens that they are not alone in their lives. We all face positive and negative times, and together we can see each other through to the other side. Please join us on our mission to reach out, offer support, and celebrate our teens.


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