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The purpose of the Division of Educational and Employment Services is to make students aware of entrepreneurship and College opportunities at an early stage, and to provide educational programs and services to anyone in need. 

In 2019 we will launch our Educational Program for high schools and vocational colleges in the Pittsburgh area.

The educational program consists of:


In which an education mentor will give a guest lecture about entrepreneurship and financing. In this guest lecture, it is paramount that the stipulations a business plan must meet are highlighted.

E-learning: After that, mentored by an economy teacher the students work independently on the e-learning program to write a business plan for their own company (fictional or real).

Guest lecture: During the program, several guest lectures are organized by existing entrepreneurs as well as ODFK mentors.

Pitch: The plans are reviewed together with a mentor (typically a local entrepreneur) and finally each student has to pitch his/her business plan before a jury panel.

Certificate: The educational program is completed with an exam and, upon passing, the students will receive the certificate.

The evening classes are designed specifically for people coming out of an unemployement situation collecting unemployment benefit and school drop-outs.

The program consists of:

10 evening classes with lectures on a variety of subjects relating to entrepreneurship

  • E-Learning How to write a business plan
  • Pitch event where student pitch their business plan

Certificate upon completion Students who have completed this program will be able to make an informed decision whether entrepreneurship is the way to go for them and possibly have a better chance of obtaining a loan.

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