Division of Family and Children Services


The Division of Family and Children Services is the part of Opening Doors for Kids, Inc.that helps low income, out-of-work parents get back on their feet; assists with locating child care costs for low income parents who are working; and provides numerous support services and innovative programs to help troubled families obtain needed service. Our programs aim to: Empower families and individuals to increase their economic independence and productivity and to encourage strong, healthy, supportive communities that have a positive impact on quality of life and the development of children. It also creates partnerships with front-line service providers, states, localities and tribal communities to identify and implement solutions that transcend traditional program boundaries and to improve access to services through planning, reform and integration and to address the needs, strengths and abilities of vulnerable populations including people with developmental disabilities.

OurCase Managers:

  • Meet with all our Families
  • Fill out all paperwork for our Families
  • Advocate for our Families
  • Create or assist in the creation of care plans
  • Make home visits

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