The Manhood 2.0 program is a milestone in the history of gender programming for young men. It was created with the specific goal of engaging young men – and those around them such as teachers, parents, coaches, and peers – in promoting healthy ideas and practices related to manhood .

We often don’t think of men, or young men, as being harmed by gender norms. But our research and that of many others affirms how rigid norms about manhood, what we sometimes call the “Man Box,” can do just that: trap young men into ways of thinking and being that can harm others, including women and girls. Engaging young men in critical reflection and skill-building is one piece of the puzzle to address gender justice. We believe that young men, as well as young women and individuals of all gender identities, can play a critical role in shaping the world around them. When critically aware of how gender norms and stereotypes shape their lives in negative ways, they will become allies in the cause for gender justice and they will live out gender equality in their own lives. For those using Manhood 2.0, we situate it within a  broader efforts to engage youth of diverse genders and sexual orientations, parents and other adult caregivers, and adult allies,
as well as within broader movements to continue progress towards economic and social justice. Looking for information on Manhood, contact our office. 

Every Tuesday 4:00- 7:00 with 10 dollar compensation and dinner included.








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