Many people need help paying their bills or debts. Or they need free items, such as food, clothes, or other supplies for their household. There are thousands of financial assistance programs that may help struggling families. There is everything from mortgage or debt help to free groceries, grants to help pay rent or utility bills and medical bill assistance or free healthcare as well.

Our Agency has information on charities, churches, government assistance programs, organizations like the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities, and other resources that will provide you help. These charities as well as non-profit organizations may offer long term or emergency assistance for paying bills, pass out free stuff, or provide counseling type services among other programs. Agencies, including Saint Vincent de Paul, will also show you how to save money as well as provide some tips and methods to pay the bills when money is tight. Contact us to find information on programs that offer a number of ways to get help with paying bills. Assistance is available for everything from debts to energy bills, free food, housing, property tax help, and much more. Non-profits also offer help for paying car loans and transportation programs. The resources available that may help with these payments include:

The support we provided to tenants or homeowners also involves stabilization services to help the family keep their current home or apartment. This includes transitional housing. Tenants often need help too. Funds can pay back rent, security deposits, and help tenants avoid an eviction. Contact our office to learn more on rental assistance. But sometimes the tenant is faced with an unexpected crisis and need assistance within days. This is when emergency rental assistance can assist them. Priority is often given to a household with a child, disabled member, or elderly resident. Options to save money on energy bills or to prevent a disconnection can include weatherization, cash grants, and various low income assistance programs. This will  help you reduce the amount you will need to pay on your monthly bills. There are several government programs as well as resources offered directly by utility companies or charities that can help individuals pay their utility costs. There may be payment plans or money for heating or other energy bills. Contact us for more on energy assistance programs that are administered by your local utility company. Many states and banks direct homeowners to government mortgage assistance programs. Or they offer other housing resources. There is foreclosure mediation, free home repairs, provide grants to help homeowners with paying their mortgages or other costs. All of the financial help or free mediation services will help prevent or stop the foreclosure process on a home or they help low income families purchase a house. 

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