9:00 AM- 3:30 PM

$90.00 Per Child

 GROUP A: (7-10) GROUP B: (11-13)

9:00-9:30- BREAKFAST 9:00-9:30- BREAKFAST

9:30-11:45- ACTIVITIES 9:30-11:45- ACTIVITIES

12:00-12:30- LUNCH 12:00-12:30- LUNCH

12:30-3:15- ACTIVITIES 12:30-3:15- ACTIVITIES





The cost of the 2019 Summer Camp is $80.00 for the first child and $55.00 for each additional sibling. Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. charges a flat rate per child. Payments will only be taken in our Administrative Office between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Payments will not be accepted by the Summer Camp staff. Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. will not assume responsibility for payments not made in our Administrative Office. Credit will not be issued without a receipt from our office personnel.

Before your child can enroll:

Child must be generally enrolled with agency.

If you are receiving a summer camp subsidy of any kind, you will need the following before enrollment:

  1. Enrollment summary of eligibility from the respective agency or person subsidizing the summer camp fee. Examples: CYF Letter of eligibility, Church or community letter of eligibility authorization, co-sponsor (payer other than listed guardian) agreement of financial responsibility.

Note: the responsibility to obtain these documents is the parent or guardians. Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. can not act on your child’s behalf in obtaining these documents.

Early drop-off and late pick -up fee. If you know at the beginning of the season that you             will be dropping your child off early or know that you will be picking up your child late, making pre-set financial arrangement for the extended care will save you money. Unplanned early drop off and unplanned late pick up fees will accrue and will be expected to be paid before your child can return to camp.

     4) Cash or Check payments are accepted. If you plan on mailing a check or money order, please put attention Michael A. Johnson on envelope and address check to Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. Do not mail cash.

Payments, other than cash, can be mailed to the following address. Please allow enough time for your payment to reach us by the deadline.

Opening Doors for Kids, Inc.

1256 Franklin Avenue

Wilkinsburg, Pa 15221

Payment Types accepted:

  • Checks/money orders made payable to Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. Please include your child’s name on the check. A $ 35.00 NSF fee will be charged if your check is returned by the bank.

Delinquent Fee Policy

 No registration will be accepted until payment is made in full.


Drop off and Pick Up Policy

Summer Camp hours are from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. In the morning, parents/guardians are required to enter Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. and sign in  their children for Summer Camp Program and in the afternoon sign them out at departure, unless otherwise authorized to walk home. Children are only released to the designated adults you have specified on your registration form. Please notify Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. of any changes to your authorized pickup list.

Early Drop Off Policy

You must pre-register in order to drop off your child prior to 9:00 am. The early drop-off period begins at 8:30 am. There is a weekly $ 5.00 surcharge per child for this service. If you drop your child off anytime between 8:30 am and 9:00 am, this surcharge will automatically be applied to your account.

Late Pick Up Policy

Please Read Carefully:

Your child must be picked up at camp end at 3:30 pm. Failure to do so will result in the following actions:

First offense will receive a warning. After the second offense you will receive a written warning and a late fee will be applied to your account.

Late fees are as follows:

First fifteen minutes (up to 3:45 pm ) you will be charged a $15.00 fee per child. Each additional minute thereafter (after 4:00 pm) you will be charged $ 5.00  per five minutes. Failure to pay the late fee may result in termination from the summer camp program.

Example: Picking up your child at 4:30 pm will result in a $ 30.00 fine.

Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. understands that emergencies sometime happen. In the event of an emergency, please call the Camp Director at 800-618-8582 ext 81 ASAP.

Discipline Policy

It is important that the summer camp staff maintain good order and discipline. The summer Camp program include safety and a positive atmosphere for learning and developing social skills. The summer camp program makes every effort to help children understand clear definitions of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

A child’s behavior is expected to be consistent with the following:

  • Use appropriate language and tone at all times.
  • Cooperate with staff and follow directions.
  • Respect other children, staff, equipment and facilities, and yourself.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Stay in assigned groups at all times. Wandering away from group will not be accepted.

Disciplinary actions will be handled as follows:

    • First Offense : If a child is unable to comply with the behavior exceptions, a conference will be held with the child and their counselor.
  • Second Offense: If after the above meeting the child is still unable to comply with the behavior expectations, the program director will set up a conference with the parent(s)/guardian. ( Failure of the parent(s)/ guardian to attend conference(s) and cooperate will subject the child to suspension or dismissal.)
  • Third Offense: If the child’s behavior continues to be disruptive and/or unsafe, the child will be subject to a three day suspension and or dismissal.

No Refunds Will Be Given For Suspension Or Expulsion

          Behaviors which may result in immediate dismissal include but are not limited to:

  • Any action that could threaten or pose a direct threat to the physical/emotional safety of the child, other children or staff
  • Fighting
  • Possession of a weapon of any kind
  • Vandalism or destruction of Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. and Community Forge property or property of others
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Possession of or use of alcohol or controlled substances, with the exception of drugs prescribed by their doctor. The Summer Camp Director must be informed in advance of all authorized prescriptions.
  • Stealing
  • Biting and/or spitting

In the event that drugs or weapons are found, the parent will be called immediately and the incident will be reported to the Wilkinsburg Police.

Illness or Emergencies Policy

If a child becomes ill, the parent, or designated adult will be called to pick up the child as soon as possible. All parents must provide an emergency number which can be called if the parent cannot be reached. The child will be kept comfortable until someone arrives.

Slight injuries that occur will receive first aid. Accident forms or incident reports will be completed for all campers requiring first aid , In the event of a serious injury, you will be notified immediately. If you cannot be reached and medical attention is required, we will contact the local EMS for assistance. If your child must be transported to the hospital, a senior staff member at Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. will accompany your child until someone arrives. If a child contracts a communicable disease other than a cold, parents should notify Opening Doors for Kids, Inc.

Toy Policy

Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. provides the materials and supplies for summer campers to have an enjoyable day. We ask that you do not send any toys or games with your child to camp since we cannot ensure their safe return to your home that evening. We do our best to provide structured, group activities that encourage interaction, physical activity, and fair play. We will supply all the equipment necessary for these activities.

Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. will take every precaution to safeguard your child’s belongings, however we are not responsible for articles or currency lost, stolen or broken.

Field trip

We will take off site field trips from time to time. Please ensure that your child is at Community Forge no later than 9:30 am in order to leave with the group. Any child arriving after the camp staff has left for the field trip will not be allowed to attend that day. Field trip locations will be posted by Monday of each week on our website and in the lobby.


Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. participates in the Wilkinsburg Summer Lunch program in order to provide your child with breakfast and lunch each day. In addition, we provide a snack in the afternoon each day during camp which includes a drink and a bag of pretzels, chips or a piece of fruit. We provide breakfast at 9:00 am and lunch at 12:00 noon. In the event that your child arrives after 9:45 am, they will not have access to breakfast at Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. Therefore, it is important that your child has eaten prior to arrival.

Daily Items Needed

  • Comfortable shoes and socks. We will be active during each day and we will be playing games that will require running. Flip flops, sandals, slip- on shoes, are not practical and could cause your child to be uncomfortable or cause an accident.
  • Comfortable clothes that can get dirty. Although we try our best to avoid mud puddles and food spills, we do go outside every day and your child very likely will get dirty. That’s apart of the fun.
  • Sun Block. If your child is prone to sunburn, please be advised that we cannot apply sunscreen to your child. Therefore, they must take on this responsibility.  

Opening Doors for Kids, Inc.  

Parental Agreement  

I have read, understand and will comply with Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. Summer Camp Handbook. I have discussed the above policy with my child and understand that if he/she fails to comply, they may be removed from camp without abatement of tuition paid or due.

__________________________________________________ ___________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Camper Agreement

In order for everyone to have a safe and fun- filled summer at Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. at Community Forge you must follow these rules:

  • Play fairly and be honest
  • Be respectful of all Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. staff and campers
  • Avoid use of inappropriate language and behavior
  • Follow and respect all Opening Doors for Kids,Inc.rules
  • Take care of Camp facilities and equipment
  • Stay with your group at all times, unless directed by a staff member
  • Exhibit socially acceptable behavior at all times
  • Do not bring any personal belongings to camp unless directed by staff.
  • Comply with all Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. discipline policies.

I have read, understand and will follow all Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. policies and rules. I also understand all consequences for failure to follow rules.

___________________________________________________ ___________________

Camper Signature Date

___________________________________________________ ___________________

Camper Signature Date

___________________________________________________ ___________________

Camper Signature Date

There may be times when your child is digitally recorded during summer camp activities in order for Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. and its partnering agencies to promote or report to funders on summer camp activities. By signing this consent form, you are granting your permission for Opening Doors for Kids,Inc and its partnering agencies to use these digital recordings in connection with their respective public relations, marketing, and fundraising efforts.

I hereby consent to the use of these digital recordings for the purposes stated above.

_________________________________________________ ___________________

Parent/ Guardian Date


Medical Release Form

In order for proper administration of medication the following guidelines must be observed:

  • All medicine must be given directly to the summer Camp Director. Medication left with your child will not be administered.
  • All medicine must be in its original container and clearly labeled with your child’s name and directions.


Medication Information  

Child’s Name:


Dosage: Times should be given:

Side Effects:

Reason for Medication:

I authorize Opening Doors for Kids, Inc.  to give my child the above medication. I understand that said medication will be dispersed at lunch. I will not hold Opening Doors for Kids, Inc.responsible for any adverse reactions to medication I authorized.

________________________________________________ _________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date


Medial Release Form

   Child’s Emergency Medical Authorization

Insurance Company Name:_________________________ Phone:______________________

Policy Number:___________________________________Insurance #__________________

Family Physician or Clinic:__________________________ Phone:______________________

Date of last Tetanus Shot:__________________________ Allergies_____________________

Medical Problems:________________________________

I authorize Opening Doors for Kids, Inc. to obtain immediate medical care and consent to the hospitalization of, the performance of necessary diagnostic tests upon, the use of surgery on, and/or the administration of drugs to, our child or ward if an emergency occurs when we can not be located immediately. It is also understood that this agreement covers only those situations that are true emergencies and only when we can not be reached. Otherwise,the parents/guardians expect to be notified immediately

___________________________________________ _________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date


I, _____________________________________, agree that Opening Doors for Kids, Inc.Summer Camp Staff may bring my child, ____________________________, for medical care, immunizations and lab work.

Parent/ Guardian Signature:_______________________________ Date:________________

Please complete information below:

Does your child have any known allergies or existing medical condition? () Y () N

If yes, what is the condition? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)


Telephone(w) _____________________ Telephone (h)________________________

Alternate Contact and Telephone Number:__________________________________

Date of Visit:________________________ Counselor:________________________

Reason for being seen:_______________________________________________________________

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